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$50.00 30 minutes



Sugaring is the art of hair removal using a natural paste that is applied to areas of unwanted hair at lukewarm temperatures. An excellent option for those who are not able to have permanent laser hair removal.

At PureSkin Dermatology we use 100% natural and organic ingredient based sugar pastes to provide effective and efficient results without harming your skin.

  • Effective hair removal
  • Safe and Simple
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What is involved in Sugaring?

Sugaring is a method of hair removal that removes body hair quickly by pulling the hair from the root. Like waxing, but the mixture is much more eco-friendly. Sugaring is recommended for patients that cannot undergo laser hair removal (if they have blonde hair, are tanned etc.). Sugaring can be used to remove hair from any part of the body.

In addition to hair removal, sugaring provides a light exfoliation of dead skin cells, leaving a smoother skin surface.

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Who is a candidate for Sugaring?

  • Patients looking for an alternative to laser hair removal or are not candidates for laser hair removal (e.g., blonde hairs, tanned skin).
  • Anyone looking for a temporary hair loss solution.
  • Individuals looking for a light exfoliation in addition to hair removal.

What To Expect

What to expect during treatment

Before your treatment, please ensure your hair is at least ¼ inch long.  Do not use any exfoliative products on the area being treated, this includes topical or oral retinoids.

During your treatment the treated area will be cleansed, and powder will be applied to help the hairs stand out and keep the skin protected.  Sugaring paste will be applied to the treatment area and then tugging it to remove the hairs at the root.

A post care treatment will be applied after your procedure is complete.

What to expect after treatment

If the treated area is feeling tender, you may apply topical 1% hydrocortisone cream or a cool compress to help alleviate these symptoms.  

Avoid direct sunlight and wear SPF.  Results will last as long as your hair cycle, which is anywhere between 3-6 weeks.

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Pain is a personal experience, and everyone may have different levels of pain associated with sugaring. Most patients find the procedure to be mildly painful while others may not find it painful at all. Sugaring is less painful than waxing as it does not adhere to surrounding skin.
Results from sugaring will last as long as your hair cycle, which is anywhere between 3-6 weeks. Most patients book their treatments every 4 weeks.
No. Sugaring is contraindicated if you are using topical retinoids on the affected area or are taking oral retinoids (Accutane, Clarus, Epuris). Sugaring in this case can cause permanent scars.