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Holiday Skincare

It’s hard to believe another year is almost behind us, and we are about to roll into 2024.  As a Medical Aesthetics Clinic, we are constantly asked how to reverse the signs of aging.  If we had the answer, we’d be billionaires.  Yet here we both are…  While we can’t stop the clock (and no, there is no magic potion or lotion either), we do have some tried, tested and true methods to slow things down and help you age more gracefully. 

  1. Consistency.  
    Just like a trainer at the gym, we can help catapult your results forward with in office treatments, but without a regular workout routine at home, your skin will not maintain its results.  Think of your nighttime routine as a little wind down ritual for yourself, pamper yourself and make it something you look forward to.  
  2. Sunscreen.
    I mean this should probably be #1.  If there is one skincare item to spend your time and money on it would be sunscreen.  Not only does it save your skin from sun damage, pigmentation, premature aging, and wrinkling, but also skin cancer.  Wear. It. Every. Day. 
  3. Sleep.
    Beauty sleep.  It’s a thing.  Our body produces growth hormones, reduces cortisol, and repairs damage in our sleep.  Aim for 7-8 hours a night, with at least 2-3 hours before midnight.  Late night events and holiday functions? Consider taking a nap.  It is highly restorative. 
  4. A balanced diet.
    It is no surprise that with the holidays comes indulging.  But be mindful – those sugary, carb loaded treats and alcoholic beverages do more than add padding to your love handles.  Those sweet treats cause glycation, which leads to cellular damage and premature aging.  So have a little fun, then get back on track with your Mediterranean diet. 
  5. Time for self-care… and a little Botox won’t hurt 😉
    The holidays are a busy time and can get stressful for a variety of reasons.  But one thing is for sure, neglecting yourself and your skin is not doing you any favours. So take a moment for yourself, whether that be going for a walk, a well-deserved nap, or a little night time ritual of exfoliation and a hydrating mask. Find some time for you – your skin will thank you.