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Skin Quality

As a physician led clinic, at PureSkin Dermatology we believe your skin health is first and foremost.  The quality of your skin reflects and signals to the world about your overall health.  Even small alterations in your skin texture or pigmentation can have a large impact on perceived skin health.  What’s more, attractiveness is highly linked to skin quality. Like it or night, we assess another person’s overall health and wellness depending on the quality of their skin.

So how do we define good skin quality? 

There are four main categories of skin quality that we will address below and our secrets to achieving them.

  1. Skin Tone

An even skin tone, or skin that is even in colouration – minimal pigmentation, redness, or dyschromia – is desirable. It is not to say that one should change their skin colour, but that it should be even in tone.  Conditions such as melasma, rosacea, or sun damage leading to solar lentigines, broken blood vessels, pigmented spots can all lead to an uneven canvas.

Our solution for uneven skin tone: Invest in Medical Grade Skincare that use high percentages of active ingredients and peptides to even out skin tone.  Consider in office treatments such as chemical peels, biostimulators (Sculptra® and Radiesse®), and laser treatments to resurface and even out your skin tone.

  1. Skin Texture

Even skin texture is dependent on pore size, wrinkles & fine lines, crepiness, scars, hair, and clarity.  The less of these components, the more even your skin texture.  Enlarged pores or sebaceous follicles can lead to uneven texture, as can age related wrinkles and fine lines.  Scars from acne or otherwise as well as presence of fine hairs can impact the perceived texture of your skin. Clarity or clear skin reflects that which is void of blackheads, whiteheads or other age spots. This is arguably one of the most important components of skin quality and requires special attention.

Our fix for uneven skin texture: Neuromodulators (Botox) to help smooth out pores, fine lines and wrinkles.  Biostimulators (Sculptra® or Radiesse®) and Dermal Fillers to help even out scars and deeper static lines and wrinkles.  Laser treatments such as CO2 and RF Microneedling to reduce the appearance of scars, and laser hair removal to smoothen the texture overall. Consider PRP, Microneedling and Medical Grade Skincare to address skin clarity to improve overall texture but also to prevent further blemishes.

  1. Skin Firmness

Skin firmness depends on the elasticity, tightness and hydration of your skin. Decreased skin firmness can lead to impaired ability to handle external forces such as mechanical or chemical strains.  As we age, the firmness of our skin decreases, and needs to be replenished to maintain a healthy skin barrier and improve skin quality.

Our solution to maintain & improve skin firmness: Platelet rich plasma (PRP), Biostimulators (Sculptra®, Radiesse®) to boost your own collagen stimulation and improve skin elasticity.  RF Microneedling and laser treatments that boost neo-collagenesis and improve skin laxity.  And of course, an investment in Medical Grade Skincare and strict sun protection to prevent further damage.

  1. Skin Glow

Skin glow describes our skin’s luminosity, vibrance, brightness, radiance, or that “je ne sais quoi”.  The skin that you dream of that has light bouncing off of it and looks bright and radiant.  One could argue that skin glow would not be possible without improving the first three components of skin quality – skin tone, texture and firmness.

Our secret to glowing skin:  To achieve that overall skin glow is everyone’s goal – but this can only be achieved by address all aspects of your skin’s health and quality.  We use a combination approach including Medical Grade Skincare, strategically placed Dermal Fillers & Biostimulators to help light reflect off your even skin tone, regular Facial treatments, collagen stimulation with PRP, Biostimulators, Chemical Peels & Laser treatments.  

It is important to remember that our skin is our largest organ, and inner health is vitally as important as our skin quality.  Our skin truly reflects our inner health and wellness – so remember to treat your body and skin in a holistic manner.