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Spring Clean your Skincare Routine

Spring is in the air, and who doesn’t love a little spring clean & refresh? Don’t forget to do the same for your skincare products! Here are a few of our tips on how to Marie Kondo your skincare routine!

  1. Declutter & Discard
    Go through your products (including sunscreen!) and discard anything that is 3+ months past its expiry date or has changed in smell or texture.  Most products are good for 3-6 months after they are opened.  If used beyond their stale date, these products can be less effective, but what’s worse they can also cause skin irritation.  Not worth it in our opinion – discard and buy something you will use!  If you are discarding a lot of products, it may be a sign that it’s time for a skincare consultation to ensure you are using products that work for your skin type. 
  2. Donate any unused products
    We hope this isn’t you! If you have unused products sitting on your shelf, it’s time to donate!  It may also be time to face the demon inside that impulse buy’s influencer skincare, and instead book in for a medical assessment to ensure you’re buying products that work for your skin and that you’ll use.  Consider streamlining your products to multipurpose ones, such as a moisturizer + SPF in one, or a sunscreen that works as a primer/make up!
  3. Clean your brushes and applicators
    Makeup brushes and sponges can harbour bacteria that can lead to skin irritation and breakouts.  We recommend washing these with a gentle cleanser once a week.  If you haven’t done so in a while, now’s the time! Don’t forget your hairbrushes and refreshing your toothbrushes too! 
  4. Book your Spring facial treatment
    With the change in season, it is a great time to slough off winter skin to reveal a fresh spring glow.  The cold winter temperature, wind and indoor heating has taken a toll on your skin.  A spring facial treatment such as a Customized Medical Grade Facial, a Clear & Brilliant resurfacing treatment and/or an RF Microneedling experience will help get rid of dry, dull winter skin for a fresh, radiant complexion. 

Need some help or not sure what is best for you? Book a complimentary consultation and we would be happy to help!