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Laser Treatment for Skin Resurfacing

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Face & Neck

$395.00 90 minutes

Laser Treatment for Skin Resurfacing


Improve your skin texture and fight early signs of aging, with the Industry’s leading technology in skin resurfacing treatments – Clear and Brilliant®. A gentle yet effective non-ablative fractional laser therapy with dual wavelengths (1927nm and 1440nm) to safely treat all skin types. Decrease pore size, improve skin texture and tone, improve fines lines, resulting in glowing, radiant, youthful skin.

Soften your skin for a more radiant and glowing look, in as little as one treatment.

  • Non-invasive skin resurfacing
  • Treat hyperpigmentation and early signs of aging
  • Minimal downtime

What is Clear & Brilliant®?

Clear & Brilliant® is a non-ablative fractional laser skin resurfacing treatment that treats signs of aging by providing a smoother skin tone and texture.

Seen as a less invasive and gentler alternative to traditional laser resurfacing, the Clear & Brilliant® treatment system is an innovative procedure that gives patients noticeable results without damaging the skin.

Patients with uneven pigmentation, sun damage, brown spots, early signs of aging, and large pores can undergo a Clear & Brilliant® treatment to give the face a fresh and rejuvenated appearance.

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Who is a candidate for Clear & Brilliant®?

  • Due to its gentle, non-invasive resurfacing action, Clear & Brilliant® is an excellent option for all skin types looking to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Clear & Brilliant® targets pigmentation and skin texture to give skin a “glowing” appearance.
  • In addition to medical grade skincare, Clear & Brilliant® is an excellent option for patients looking to treat and lighten their pigmentation and melasma.

What To Expect

What to expect during treatment

Before your treatment, topical numbing cream will be applied to the area being treated for 20-30 min prior to treatment.  

Your eyes will be protected, and multiple passes will be made over the treatment area with the handpiece.  You will feel mild warmth during the treatment, but most patients find the treatment extremely comfortable.

What to expect after treatment

Immediately after your treatment, you may experience redness and very mild swelling that may last for a few hours.  Your skin will feel rough to the touch, like fine sandpaper for a few days.  You may develop darkening/superficial crusting of brown spots for a few days after treatment.  

These are called MENDs (microscopic epidermal necrotic debris).  Within 5-7 days this layer of skin will slough off, leaving you with bright and glowing skin.

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Clear & Brilliant® is a virtually painless treatment, however our skincare experts take necessary measures to ensure each patient is completely comfortable during the procedure.
There is no downtime after the Clear & Brilliant® procedure and you can resume your regular activities right after the treatment. Your skin will feel like sandpaper for a few days and will slough off, but you can resume your regular skincare routine and make up within 24 hours.
Clear & Brilliant® is very safe and does not damage the skin in any way. Clear & Brilliant® is so gentle that it is even safe for darker skin tones!